Amend is the relational active construction of a gallery-floor sized American flag. As it standsit is the product of two week’s active durational performance borne from a silent need to create, incite, and inspire change. To mend & stitch is a universal generative activity—which may be equated with access. Access provides opportunity for community to come together in dialogue. Dialogue is critical for great and meaningful change. The project entailed a total of 13 days of prepping, planning & sewing. For perspective it should be noted that it takes roughly one hour to stitch one star. The blueprint was hand conceived and culminated in a 9’x17’ unbleached American-cotton flag. This flag at its completion will be absorbed into my body of work. It is presently a work in process and presented with the opportunity to pick up a needle and give a hand.

I see my practice as an exploration of three central foci: identification—in this project—pertaining to notions of American-ness; perspective—in this project—pertaining to impression as well as reputation; and, ruin: in this project—pertaining to ruin in need of amendment. This project opened up a window of community engagement opportunity, previously unopened to me. The window began with the break of the Ferguson case and it’s aftermath. As we have experienced repeatedly in our sordid cultural History: the ruling in such cases and the affect immediately disseminated among people and media completely infiltrates and overwhelms personal states of being. Being so repeatedly affected by traumatizing circumstances beyond our controlthis project, which had previously only been a recurring considerationtook precedent as an immediately necessary action. 

This work brings people together to deal with: culture, identity, reputation on an individual as well as a global scale… trauma, amendment, iconography, iconology, icon, semiotics and signification. Likened to the classical practice of a quilting bee, this has opened up a constructive space for people, (unintentionally, though)—namely: women 
to contribute learn and most importantly speak.

It was humbling to see people drop-by repeatedly to lend their time and hands, even more so humbling to participate in the kind of speak generated by such a setting. The piece itself is presently incomplete, tri-angulated, and stored under glass along with shard & scrap evidence of my studio labor.